There are many ways to be a HERO


Invention League offers a STEAM-aligned inventing and entrepreneur program and curriculum at no cost to students, schools, school districts and other student organizations.  Invention League is fully financed by donations from generous individuals and organizations who share our vision, see the long-term benefits of this program and believe that every student possesses the superpower of inventing.

  • Our experience has shown us that critical-thinking and problem-solving skills are important to everyone’s success; students, business leaders, fortune 500 companies, and community members.
  • We want to equip our future educators, business owners and community leaders with those skills today.

Through Invention League young inventors not only learn the skill of identifying problems and building solutions, but taking their invention to the next step as they fill the shoes of an entrepreneur – a superpower that will be useful for the rest of their lives.

BE A HERO and support this valuable program and the young inventors and entrepreneurs across Ohio: