Invention League proudly Presents the…

Ohio Invention Convention & Entrepreneurship Competition

July 30th at the Ohio State Fair


  1. The BIG Weekend is Approaching! – STATE COMPETITION UPDATE 7/27/17
  2. Instructions for Volunteers for Sunday July 30th
  3. Instructions for Judges for Sunday July 30th
  7. If your business or organization is interested in participating check out this link: EXHIBITOR INFORMATION
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2017 State Invitees by District

2017 State Invitees by Inventor Last Name

Congratulations Ohio’s Young Inventors!

Thank you to all of the young inventors who exercised their super-skills to make it through the invention process and who participated in the 2017 Invention League Regional Video Qualifier!

Thank you to the parents, older siblings and educators who assisted the inventors through a new application system, new video process all in order to participate in the new and first ever Ohio Invention Convention & Entrepreneurship Competition – we know there were some challenges this year with all the “new” things going on and we appreciate your all you did to help make this happen.

Thank you to our talented judges who volunteered their time getting to know Ohio’s best and most brilliant young inventors!

At the 2017 Ohio Invention Convention & Entrepreneurship:

  • Inventors from all across Ohio in grades K-8 will demonstrate their inventions and share their inventing experience with two judges each.
  • More than $25,000 worth of educational scholarships and prizes will be awarded through a combination of grade level awards and industry specific awards.
  • Ohio’s top inventors will be selected to advance to the 2018 National Invention Convention & Entrepreneurship Expo to be held at the Henry Ford Museum, Dearborn Michigan. National candidates will have the opportunity to participate in the pilot of Invention Incorporated, a program to help young inventor take their inventions to the next level!
  • Inventors (and their parent chaperone) will have the opportunity to experience the Ohio State Fair each with complementary admission ticket provided by the fair.

It was great to learn more about you via your short video and we look forward to meeting Ohio’s brilliant young inventors in person on July 30!

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