Welcome, Parents

We believe all students have the superpowers to seek out problems that impact their world and invent real solutions.

For all you do to support and guide your young inventors, to mentor them, allow them to try and fail and try again and to prepare them to be the best equipped future stewards of our world, Invention League thanks YOU!

  • If your student is between grades K-12 they are eligible to participate in a free inventing and entrepreneurship program through the Invention League called the Invention Convention Program. 

    Invention League will provide your student an Invention Convention and other resources to help them unmask their superpowers and learn to:

    • Seek out problems
    • Find solutions
    • Develop a prototype of the best solution
    • Take their invention to the next level as a new entrepreneur!

    Invention Convention Student Journal – Print and complete by hand version

    Invention Convention Student Journal – Complete online, save and print

    Click here if you are having trouble with the online form

    Students compete with their peers on a local level with top inventors advancing to the state Invention Convention and Entrepreneurship Competition hosted by the Invention League. Inventors are eligible to win educational scholarships and other prizes.  Note: The state final is invitation only. Instructions for the registration process are provided by your student’s school district or student organization.

    Invention League is a nonprofit organization aligned with the STEMIE Coalition and the National Invention Convention and Entrepreneurship Expo (NICEE). Top winners at the state level will have the opportunity to advance to the annual National Invention Convention and Entrepreneurship Expo (NICEE).

    Note: Competing in the national program may have associated costs including but not limited to: travel, overnight accommodations, parking, food and a registration fee.

    How to Participate

    • If your student is in interested in participating in the Invention Convention Program, check with their teacher to find out if their school, district or student organization is registered.  If your entity is registered, your student will work on the program directly through their Squadron Leaders (teachers).  Write to info@inventionleague.org for program information and to learn how to register. 
    • If your student’s school, district or student organization is not participating this inventing season, or your student is home schooled, your student may still participate through Invention League’s Independent Inventor Program. On this same page, click on the Independent Inventor Program for more information.

    Questions?  Write to info@inventionleague.org

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  • Invention League’s Independent Student Inventor Program is designed for home school and other young inventors who do not already have access to the program through their district, school or student organization and is made possible by a collaboration between the Invention League and our friends at Math Plus Academy. This program is available in Indiana, Minnesota, Ohio and Pennsylvania. In another state? Write to: info@inventionleague.org.

    Please confirm with your student’s principal or administrator whether their school/district/organization has already registered to participate. If your student’s school/district/student organization is already registered your student will work through them to participate.

    If your student is home schooled or their school or district is not currently registered you may register them for Invention League’s Independent Inventor Program. 

    Working through Math Plus Academy, Independent Inventors will be provided the tools they need to:

    • Seek out problems
    • Find solutions
    • Develop a prototype of the best solution
    • Take their invention to the next level as a new entrepreneur!

    Math Plus Academy will provide all Independent Inventors the opportunity to present their work through either a personal or live video interview and have their prototypes evaluated/scored in order to determine who will advance to the state finals. State final dates and locations are available by visiting our Events page.

    To be eligible inventors will reside in Ohio, Indiana, Minnesota or Pennsylvania, be in grades K-12 and must be registered by 2/28 to participate in the current school year program.  Inventors registered after 2/28 will be eligible to participate in the next school year Invention League season.

    IL Official-Rules-2017-18

    Independent Inventor Sign Up Form – Closed for the 2016-17 school year. Sign up for the 2017-18 school year will open August 2017.

    math_plus_academyMath Plus Academy is proud to partner with Invention League to promote every child’s inner inventor.

    Math Plus Academy is on a mission to inspire kids to do great things. Since 2008, we have offered premier STEM enrichment courses serving Central Ohio students from KG – 8th grade. Programs include math enrichment, problem solving, computer programming, robotics, and chess. Math Plus Academy also offers summer camps that include Inventor’s Workshop (3D printing), Entrepreneurship, Minecraft, Video Game Design and much more.

    For more information about Math Plus Academy visit www.mathplusacademy.com or call 614-792-6284.


  • Do you know a Squadron Leader of Excellence?

    Follow this lHipster teacher in red cape standing against big blackboard with mathematical symbols and formulas. Studio shot on black background.ink to learn more and to nominate your Squadron Leader of Excellence

    Squadron Leader of Excellence Nomination Deadlines: 30 days prior to the Invention Convention & Entrepreneurship Competition.


    Questions? Write to info@inventionleague.org