There are many ways to be a HERO

Invention League offers a STEAM-aligned inventing and entrepreneur program and curriculum at no cost to students, schools, school districts and other student organizations.  Invention League is fully financed by donations from generous individuals and organizations who share our vision, see the long-term benefits of this program and believe that every student possesses the superpower of inventing.

  • Our experience has shown us that critical-thinking and problem-solving skills are important to everyone’s success; students, business leaders, fortune 500 companies, and community members.
  • We want to equip our future educators, business owners and community leaders with those skills today.

Through Invention League young inventors not only learn the skill of identifying problems and building solutions, but taking their invention to the next step as they fill the shoes of an entrepreneur – a superpower that will be useful for the rest of their lives.

BE A HERO and support this valuable program and the young inventors and entrepreneurs across Ohio:

  • Sponsorship Levels:

    • Customized curriculum specific to industry studies
    • Logo housed on
    • Distribution through e-footprint
    • Incorporation in school assemblies
    • Incorporation in lesson plans
    • Press release inclusions throughout year
    • Newsletter inclusions
    • Signage at assemblies and event/s
    • On-site field trip
    • Employee volunteer program
    • Scholarship presentation at event/s
    • Representative on stage for awards ceremony
    • Inclusion in social media channel correspondence
    • Inclusion in IC outreach platforms
    • Opportunity for additional local and national press outlets

      All Invention Convention Sponsor Levels receive varying ROI’s that include items such as:

    • Funding Levels Include:

      Local Sponsorship Level ($5,000 – $10,000)

      Some Highlights: Sponsor logo inclusion on signage and screen at State competition, mention on stage at community level, employee volunteerism opportunities, SWAG bag opportunities, logo housed on website and newsletter.

      Industry Innovation Sponsorship Level ($15,000 – $25,000)

      Some Highlights: Same as Local Sponsorship above with additional inclusions at State Competition, curriculum inclusions for industry of interest, lesson plan inclusions for educators, incorporated into video and assemblies, additional inclusion in press releases, social media inclusions, newsletter story inclusions, sponsor involvement with students throughout the year.

      Supporting Partner Level ($30,000+)

      Some Highlights: Same as Industry Innovation Sponsorship above but with additional inclusions in all Invention League events throughout the year. Additional signage, press releases and newsletter mentions, additional naming and logo opportunities, and on-stage opportunities during awards ceremony at State competition.

      Presenting Partner Level ($60,000+)

      Highlights: Same as all levels and ROI’s listed above with full naming rights at State competition and additional event inclusions and event opportunities with students throughout the year. Additional opportunities at National level to be determined between IL and partner.

    For additional information contact: Susan Sherer at  

  • IP Sponsorship Levels & Benefits

    There are thousands of IP attorney’s in the Ohio and we need your help! The Invention League is interested in partnering with attorneys who care about the future of inventing and entrepreneurship specifically in investing in the young minds who are already well on their way to making an impact in our world through their original thought and problem solving skills.

    Each year the Invention League hosts the Ohio Invention Convention & Entrepreneurship Competition where young inventors representing programs from throughout the state sending their best and brightest to compete, advancing the top inventors to the National Invention Convention & Entrepreneurship Expo (NICEE).

    The trip to the NICEE is one that these inventors will never forget. It is a weekend filled with encouragement, history, education & opportunity. Please help us support these inventors by sponsoring the Ohio Invention Convention & Entrepreneurship Competition as well as Ohio student’s trip to NICEE. We count on donations to keep this program free in Ohio and to help offset the cost for inventors to participate at nationals (average is $1,000 per student at NICEE). If you, your colleagues and/or your company/firm will donate your resources you’ll see a return on your investment two-fold when you support the problem solvers of tomorrow.

    Support an Inventor Program Sponsorship Levels:

    $99 a year – Invention Supporter

    • List of donors on alongside their sponsored inventor
    • List of sponsored inventors & thank you to donor in onsite in NICEE program
    • Annual social media mention w/ inventor & donor
    • Annual email mention w/ inventor & donor

    $50 a month  – Entrepreneurship Ambassador

    • List of donors on alongside their sponsored inventor – Thank you
    • List of sponsored inventors & thank you to donor in onsite NICEE program
    • Bi-Annual media mentions w/ inventor & donor
    • Bi-Annual email mention w/ inventor & donor
    • Widget for your website/s showcasing your sponsored inventors

     $2,500 a year  – Innovation Influencer

    • List of donors on alongside their sponsored inventor – Thank you
    • List of sponsored inventors & thank you to donor in onsite state final program
    • Quarterly social media mention w/ inventor & donor
    • Quarterly email mention w/ inventor & donor
    • Widget for your website/s showcasing your sponsored inventors
    • Coffee table hard back book highlighting the Inventors of the Year, sponsored by the companies/firms that made their creation possible.
    • Signage at State Competition recognizing sponsorship of students from that state to Nationals

    If you are unable to make a monetary donation OR want to further get involved in supporting inventors Invention League is always looking for:

    • Mentors
    • Judges
    • Speakers
    • In-Kind Donors (Pro Bono Patent or Consultations)
    • Network introductions to Innovative companies
    • Please email to learn more!

    Thank you for your Support an Inventor donation. You will receive more information via email about your sponsored student as they are selected to attend Nationals. All donations are 100% tax deductible.

  • Volunteer to be a Judge at the Ohio Invention Convention & Entrepreneurship Competition: Sign Up

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  • Our program could not exist without the gift of time our volunteers donate.  Click here to take a look at our volunteer opportunities and to schedule to help: Sign Up

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